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"Judge each day not by the harvest you reap but by the seeds you plant."
Robert Louis Stevenson

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If you continue to experience these symptoms or if you are feeling down, overwhelmed or worrying too much, help is available.

Talking Therapies offers quick and easy access to treatment and interventions that can help improve your wellbeing. Contact us by telephone or online and we will arrange a telephone assessment with one of our clinicians,


Cry-sis (support for crying, sleepless and demanding babies) - 08451 228669


Reading Lifeline (counselling and support for those affected by infertility, baby loss at any stage of pregnancy or postntal depression)– 01189 596669


PANDAS Foundation - (Pre and Postnatal Depression Advice And Support) - 0843 2898401


Bliss (Premature Births) - 0500 618140


Samaritans - 116 123


Association for Postnatal Illness - 0207 386 0868



Maternal Well Being on SHaRON is now live-a secure, anonymous and moderated face-book type site for women during the perinatal period across the range of emotional disorders and distress with no requirement to be open to mental health services. Referrals accepted from all professionals including primary care, midwifery, and health visitors.

Please refer to us if you think it might help or ring us on 0300 365 0300 to discuss further.


Maternal wellbeing on SHaRON is an on-line initiative to provide help and support to mums and dads who are experiencing emotional health issues or supporting someone who is. SHaRON is a safe and anonymous environment where people can both receive support and help others who are in, or have been through similar situations. We have one area of support for women and another for partners/dads/carers and as both areas are totally separate from each other and confidential you can post openly and honestly without judgement and without your partner knowing what you are posting. It is a bit like face-book (but anonymous) and the members are brilliant at supporting others who are starting a journey that they have travelled along.

SHaRON exists so that no-one has to suffer in silence. By getting together and sharing experiences we will all be the better for it! You don’t have to be open to mental health services to access this support but it is by invitation only so please speak to your midwife, GP, HV or any other health care professional and ask to be referred.