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"Your present circumstances don't determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start."
Nido Qubein

Helping Yourself

There are a variety of self help interventions that you can access which may help you overcome your difficulties. Take a look at some of the options and information below. If of course you feel you need further help and support please contact us at Talking Therapies and we can arrange for you to speak to someone to get you further help and support.


Stress Less Workshops
Living life to the full
Cognitive behavioural self help resources
Patient UK
Anxiety care
Stress, Anxiety and Depression Resource Centre
Self help guides
Anger Management
Work Related Support
Other Local Services

Stress control is a six session evening class that is open to adults of all ages. The workshops can help you learn better ways to handle common problems such as anxiety, depression, low self-confidence, poor sleep and panic attacks. For more information please go to Stress Less.

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Living life to the full -

The Living Life to the Full course is a life skills course that aims to provide access to high quality, practical and user-friendly training in life skills.

The course content teaches key knowledge in how to tackle and respond to issues/demands which we all meet in our everyday lives.

The following outline gives an overview of the type of things the course covers:

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Cognitive behavioural self help resources -

This website offers CBT self-help information, resources and tools including therapy worksheets.

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Patient UK -

Information website for patients including information leaflets, directories and care and support information.

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Anxiety Care -

Anxiety Care is a registered charity based in East London that specialises in helping people to recover from anxiety disorder and to maintain that recovery. With the support of our trained volunteers, clients are enabled to plan, initiate and carry through personal recovery programmes using cognitive behavioural techniques and gradual exposure exercises. Services include mutual support groups, support and structured recovery groups, confidence building groups, a home visiting service, telephone helpline, and a one to one counselling service offering a variety of disciplines. Many of these services can be accessed by internet, email and telephone as well as face to face in the local area.

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Mind -

Mind helps people take control of their mental health. They provide high-quality information and advice, and campaign to promote and protect good mental health for everyone.

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Stress, Anxiety and Depression Resource Centre -

The Stress, Anxiety, and Depression Resource Center provides the information you need to know on all topics related to depression, stress, and anxiety and helps you find the answers you seek regarding the prevention and treatment of stress, anxiety, and depression.

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Self help guides

Self help guides produced by Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS foundation Trust titles cover a range of mental health issues.

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Anger Management

Talking therapies is not at the moment able to provide support for people for anger management, however, the following resources may be of help:

Books available from your local library:
Overcoming Anger and Irritability – W Davies (2000)
Managing Anger G. Lindenfield (2000)

The Mental Health Foundation: Cool down – Anger and How to deal with it
Free download from website:


Leeds University:


Self Help Guide: ‘Controlling Anger’ – A self help guide produced by Northumberland, Tyne and Wear Foundation Trust

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Work related support

Sometimes we can experience problems relating to work – you may be looking for work or thinking about changing your job, you may be off sick and concerned about returning to work or you may be facing or worried about redundancy. Talking Therapies has produced some self help guides which may help you:

  1. Changing Your Career
  2. Finding Work
  3. Preparing for an Interview
  4. Return to Work
  5. Redundancy

Workplace Mental Health Support

Remploy offers free workplace mental health support to individuals with a mental health condition, who are absent from work or finding work difficult. For further information please contact Remploy 0845 146 0501 Or make an application for this service by contacting Access to Work:

South East England, London and East of England:
Tel: 020 8426 3110

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Other Local Services

Some local services and organisations that may be helpful for you to access:

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