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Thank you to our clients who have given us permission to share their stories.


The Benefits of Talking Therapies


The Journey

"I am a 62 year old lady and I never thought that being referred to Talking Therapies would ever happen to me. I would never need that, I was too level headed. Little did I know it would happen to me. It was a big shock to admit it to myself.

I hope reading this will help others. It is alright to ask for help and there is no shame in it. You do not need to be alone, there is help Talking Through your problems and you will gradually feel better and be more positive in yourself and life. It has turned my life around.

The homework I did was useful. I planned goals and put down achievements and pleasure at the end of each thing I did which was really useful. I aimed to do more and plan my life. Making lists of things to achieve is important.

I have to remember to talk about problems with friends and family. I am now thinking retirement and the new outlook starts now.

A lot has come from me and with the guidance I have been given I can do it and so can you.


Help for Phobias

"I was first diagnosed as being phobic at the age of eight, I am now in my fifties.


Over the years I have tried numerous medications and several types of treatments and therapies, sometimes I would get a slight improvement but it would not last and it would then have a devastating effect on me.


After a disastrous attempt at a shopping trip, a close family friend suggested I go to my G.P as there must be something they can do and no one should have to live like this. He was very understanding and referred me to Talking Therapies.


When I first met my therapist she explained what the therapy involved and how it works, my first thoughts were she really does not understand how severe my problem is and how long I have had to live with it. But I had always promised myself I would try anything to get rid of my phobias so decided to go with it. It is not easy, you have to be willing to push yourself and sometimes it is very uncomfortable, but you get great support and the results are amazing.


I can now go around a supermarket independently, I can take my dog for a walk in my local woods and after sixteen years I have recently starting driving again, apart from that side, I am far more assertive, I do not have to continually apologise or worry about upsetting people and I am learning to value my achievements.


I never thought it would be possible for me not to have to rely on other people or to feel so relaxed and confident, so would really recommend this Therapy it could change your life too."


An Open Letter

"If you are reading this then well done you have taken the first step it’s the hardest and most frightening step it means you have admitted you need help and believe me it’s hard to admit. You need help when you are suffering depression, you have a long journey but please stick with it and don’t step down any side roads.

My journey started when after two months of me either crying or me wanting to hurt myself I went to the doctors, I was put on anti-depressants after another month and a half they hadn’t helped so my doctor said about Talking Therapies. She referred me and after a short time I had a lovely lady call me. I sat and cried through nearly the whole call and after that another lovely lady phoned me and set up my first appointment. I was very nervous and you think everyone will put you in a mad house when you’re as low as you get.


On my first visit we sat and talked and I cried (lots). In the first few visits we sorted out what had caused my depression and then started another hard bit. The first few steps on an up-hill journey you must claw your way back and fight to be yourself again, beat up that little voice that tells you the things that put you on this road.


With my therapists help, we gradually sorted out the big bag of string, with lots of tangles. Each tangle represented a problem that had then built up and overwhelmed me and there were so many that I thought I would never get away from them but as you will find, don’t try to de-tangle all the knots at once, you need to take on each knot (problem) at a time. That’s when you can beat them and break free from the hold they have on you.


When I first started visiting Talking Therapies I was so bad I wanted to hide. I always looked down as I thought I was a hideous monster but now with the help and love of my family and the amazing help of Talking Therapies I now look up straight and have a lot more confidence and I don’t straight away think this is happening because it’s me. I now look at things in a positive way and believe me it makes a difference, it makes you feel good inside.


And with finishing my letter to you I wish you all the luck you need and the strength you need in your journey.

Best Wishes."